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Terms of use


These terms of use have been established by Dräger Marine & Offshore. The terms of use are applicable
to users and other entities who interact with the FRS Certificate Portal. When creating an account and by using or opening the FRS
Certificate Portal, the user unconditionally declares that he/she has read, understood and agreed upon the terms of use and their
amendments as brought forward in this document.



1.0 Registration and account protection


When a user account is being applied for, Dräger Marine & Offshore assumes that:

1. The user submits correct information with regards to the organization and/or employer he is working for.

2. The user is authorized to  apply for a user account on behalf of the organization he works for and/or represents.

3. Dräger Marine & Offshore is authorized at all times to verify the application of a user account with known contacts within the organization for which the application was sent.

4. If it is proven that the information provided is not correct or that the person who has sent in the request is not authorized to apply for a user account, Dräger Marine & Offshore beholds the right to reject this application or deactivate existing user accounts.

5. Passwords and user names are private and are not distributed amongst third parties.

6. In case of mistreatment of personal details, the user will immediately inform Dräger Marine & Offshore, to allow Dräger Marine & Offshore to take proper measures to counteract this mistreatment.



2.0 Disclaimer of liability


2.1 Concerning available information

Dräger Marine & Offshore and all parties involved in feeding information into this system are not accountable for inappropriate or scandalous usage of
the data that is distributed on this website. In addition Dräger Marine & Offshore and all parties involved in feeding information into this system are not
accountable for the correctness or completeness of information that was found in or distributed via the system.
The main purpose of the certificate portal is to facilitate easy access to FRS certificates. The intention is to make sure that the
provided information is up to date and correct. When errors are brought to the attention of Dräger Marine & Offshore, attempts will be made to resolve
these errors. Despite this, Dräger Marine & Offshore will not accept any responsibility for the information distributed on this website. This information is:

1. not necessarily complete, accurate nor up to date;

2. sometimes related to information supplied by external sub suppliers for whom Dräger Marine & Offshore carry any responsibility and over whom
SSC has no authority.


All users making use of the system and its content will refrain from complaints, of all natures, related to the use of information and/or
material distributed via this system, regardless of whether the complaint is directed at Dräger Marine & Offshore or any other entity which has provided the
system with information or material. Dräger Marine & Offshore or any other entity involved with the system, can under no circumstances be held accountable
for direct or indirect damage.


2.2 Concerning viruses

Dräger Marine & Offshore cannot guarantee that the content presented on this website is free from viruses, despite employing all prevailing measures to
prevent this. The use of this website is thus at own risk.
All risks related to the usage of this system are born by the user who uses the website and its content given the information above.
The user declares that he will not file any complaints against Dräger Marine & Offshore or any entity providing the website with content or information.
Taking into account the risk of damaging software or data as a result of infection by a computer virus that originates from accessing
the Dräger Marine & Offshore FRS Certificate Portal.


2.3 Concerning availability of information

Dräger Marine & Offshore aims to minimize the downtime of the website caused by technical defects. Some information on the website can however be
created or structured in files or formats that are not free from defects; it is beyond the control of Dräger Marine & Offshore to guarantee that the offered
service is free from downtime or defects caused by such technical errors or that the offered service is influenced by such technical
errors. Therefore Dräger Marine & Offshore does not accept any liability for problems that occur as a result of using this site.


2.4 Concerning the availability of information

The main goal of Dräger Marine & Offshore is to be a constant factor in the relationship with our customers. For this very reason the main object is to
maintain and update the FRS Certificate Portal as long as this is technically and commercially viable. This does however not imply
that Dräger Marine & Offshore can be held liable for discontinuing the service at any given time in the future, regardless of the reasons given for discontinuation.
Dräger Marine & Offshore will employ a transition period of 6 months before formally discontinuing the service.



3 Personal data and privacy


3.1 Privacy

Dräger Marine & Offshore respects the privacy of users of the website and will make sure that information that is entered into the system by the user is treated
confidentially and carefully. By submitting your personal details on this website the user agrees that Dräger Marine & Offshore uses these details in conformance
with the privacy statement as given in this document. Of primary importance is that the information given by users will never be forwarded
or sold to third parties. The e-mail addresses which are uploaded as part of the registration will only be used to send information that is related to the service for which the entity signed up as a user.


3.2 Cookies

Dräger Marine & Offshore uses cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data which is sent to the web browser when using the interface, this data is stored on the local PC’s hard disk. Dräger Marine & Offshore uses these cookies to execute several functionalities on the website.
In the web browser user interface it is possible to let the browser accept all cookies, partially accept cookies or not accept cookies at all. These settings can be found in the internet options section of the browser. For all Dräger Marine & Offshore sites where logging in is required, the browser has to accept all cookies. In case of not fully accepting all cookies, the user cannot fully benefit from all services offered.


3.3 Protection of your and our  data

In order to protect user and our data from unauthorized access or alteration, publication or destruction of data in Dräger Marine & Offshore’s possession, Dräger Marine & Offshore is
constantly working on improvement of its data protection. This is illustrated by the following:


1. The FRS Certificate Portal is encrypted with SSL/TLS.

2. Employees or representatives of Dräger Marine & Offshore will never ask for or communicate login details and/or passwords, verbally, in writing or (e-)mail.

3. Under no circumstances will data in the possession of SSC be shared with other persons or organizations.


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